To Do List Overview

To Do List Overview

The To Do List helps each user keep track of immediate and long-term responsibilities.

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What Your To Do List Tracks

The To Do List keeps track of your:

  • Work orders
  • Requests
  • Callbacks
  • Tasks
  • Complaints
  • Inspections
  • Readings
  • PMs

How to Access Your To Do List

To access the To Do List, log in to Quore, click on the App Switcher, and then click on the To Do app. The app will show you the To Do List outlining the items you should complete for the day. 

Viewing & Filtering To Dos

Your list starts in the My To Do List view which includes to dos: 

1. Assigned to you 

2. Assigned to your department 

3. Assigned to “Anyone” or left unassigned 

4. Created by you 

Our filters allow you to see as much or as little as you want. The filters save when you leave the list so the most important to dos remain in your view throughout the day. Since the To Do List is a daily view, the arrow allows you to skip ahead to the next day.   

All Types Filter – If you are looking for a more concentrated view, the All Types filter will help you quickly find the type of to do you need. Filter out any of the eight types or select All Types to see all opened to dos. 

Mobile Users - To access these filters from the mobile To Do app, tap on the filter icon in the upper left corner of your screen.  

Multi-Property Users - If you have more than one property, you will have the ability to view to dos one property at a time using the Property filter.  

Order of List

The To Do List sorts items into three tiers. All items within a tier appear in date order with the oldest item on top.

1. Guest-requested items

2. Non guest-requested items

3. Inspections, Readings, and PMs


Guest-Requested Items

Guest-requested items are aimed at helping you respond to guests as soon as possible. These items include: 

  • Guest-requested work orders and requests  
  • Complaints made by guests who are in house
  • Callbacks

Guest-requested items are flagged with a person icon. If you have items that are due on this day, then they will appear in black. Anything on the list that is past due will appear in red.

Non Guest-Requested Items

Non guest-requested items are those which, while important, do not require immediate attention. These items include:

  • Work orders and requests made by staff
  • Tasks

Inspections, Readings, and PMs

There are three optional features involving items which appear periodically on your To Do List. These three features are:

  • Inspections
  • Readings
  • PMs

Inspections, Readings, and PMs will always appear below any guest-related and non guest-requested items.

  • Pro Tip: You can set Inspections, Readings, and PMs to recur periodically. You can also use the Recurring dropdown so that these items do not appear on your To Do List.

You will find the same To Do List on your mobile app as on the desktop. 

Learn more about the To Do app.

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