Inspections Setup

Inspections Setup

In this article, you will learn how to create templates in the desktop Inspections app. 

How to Create a New Inspection Template

1. From the desktop Inspections app, click the + New page button. 

+ New Inspection Button.jpg

2. Give the template a name and add the description. Do not use the description box to list out your steps as you will do this later. 

3. Next, select the appropriate options in the following dropdowns: 

  • Used By– select the department who will use this checklist or inspection. 
  • Inspection/Checklist– this is among the most important steps. An inspection will allow Quore to create tasks for failed items. Selecting Checklist from the dropdown will simply create a checklist with no automatic actions. 
  • Recurring– Use this dropdown to select the frequency. You can also use the Reminder section to be alerted in your To Do List prior to the due date. 
  • Show Rooms– Select Yes from this dropdown to add a Rooms Grid to your inspection or checklist. 
  • Delay Tasks– Select Yes if you wish for failed items to be sent out after the inspection is completed. 
  • Multiple Fails– Select Yes if a line item should be failed multiple times. 

4. When you are done, click the green Create Inspection button. 

5. To complete the creation process, on the category page type in the name of a category and click the green + New Category button. Repeat this step to add as many categories as you need. These categories will be added to the Main area. To add categories to your guestroom inspection, click the Room tab, then add the categories. 

Add Category Subcategory or Item.jpg

6. To add subcategories, switch the dropdown to Add Subcategory. Enter the subcategory name, select a category from the dropdown, then click + New Subcategory. To add subcategories to your guestroom inspection, click the Room tab, then add the subcategories. 

7. To add items to your inspection/checklist, switch the dropdown menu to Add Item. Enter the item details, point value, and select a category to house the item. 

If creating an inspection, choose a department for a task to go to if the item is failed. 

Mark the item as Required or Not Required. If Required, you will have to mark that item before completing the inspection. If Not Required, then you will be able to skip the item. 

Select “No default” or “Default to pass” to determine whether the item will be pre-checked. Remember, if the item is required then this option is not available. 

Click the + New Item button to add the item to your template.

Inspections Introduction

Inspections Introduction

Editing Inspection Templates

Editing Inspection Templates