App Glossary

This glossary offers a brief description for each app and is intended to guide you through Quore's many uses. 


  • Set budgets, track revenue streams, and plan for hotel expenses. Budgets are typically set by property management. 


  • Add upcoming events to the Quore calendar. For example, if your regional manager is coming to visit your property later in the month, remind everyone by posting the date to the calendar. 


  • Request, approve, and track capital expenses.  For example, an industrial freezer in the kitchen needs to be replaced. Submit the capital expense request in CapEx. 


  • Track individual expenditures across the property. This app enables department heads to track and document expenses. 


  • Assign and complete cleaning inspections in real time, then track results. In Quore, a "cleaning inspection" is defined as the follow-up inspection completed by a housekeeping supervisor, executive housekeeper, or room inspector after the room is cleaned. 
  • Cleanings vs Inspections: Housekeeping inspections have their own app called Cleanings. All other inspections can be completed in the Inspections app. 

Cleanings Plus

  •  Premium app where supervisors can set up boards and start breakouts by assigning rooms to specific housekeepers. 
  • Housekeepers can document the rooms they clean and create work orders or lost and found items while cleaning a room. 
  • Housekeepers can alert Supervisors when rooms are finished being cleaned and the supervisors can inspect the room. 


  • Track and resolve guest complaints to increase guest satisfaction. For example, when a guest is upset about the cleanliness of a room, log the complaint in this app to alert the appropriate staff members. 


  • Premium app which allows guests to communicate with staff via text. For example, if a guest has a question about checkout time, or wants to request additional towels. 


  • Create new Quore users, reset passwords, manage employee records, local entries, and more. It is important for management and department heads to make sure all staff members are loaded into the Employee section of the Directory. 


  • Upload commonly used documents such as authorization forms, HR forms, and more, set permission settings so that these documents are only viewable to certain users, and organize documents into folders. 

Hotel Book

  • Available to Above Property Quore users and offers executive and regional managers the ability to compare multiple properties side by side. 


  • Create, complete, and track checklists for routines and inspections across the property. Property managers also have the ability to follow up on any failed inspection items using the Open Items page. 
  • Cleanings vs Inspections: Load all property walks, maintenance checklists, and manager-on-duty inspections in the Inspections app. Housekeeping inspections have their own app called Cleanings.


  • Add, delete, and edit your property's inventory. Any items added to your inventory will feed to your work order item dropdown. 


  • Enter desk logs and log sheets. This is your daily communication log, used to keep staff informed across the hotel. 

Lost & Found

  • Report and track found and missing items.  Use the search bar on the Dashboard page to help guests quickly find what they're looking for. 


  • Communicate with other Quore users and view messages, memos, and announcements in a single inbox. If you're logged in and marked On Duty in the Quore mobile app, you will receive a push notification when you receive a new message. 


  • Post internal news and keep staff informed through Quore.  


  • Create, close, and track preventative maintenance inspections. Quore starts every property off with a quarterly guestroom PM template. You can also create new templates to fit your needs. 


  • Track pool, meter, and boiler readings.


  • View data collected from different apps within Quore.  

Rooms Book

  • See room statuses, room notices, and Rooms Book records.  


  • Premium app which enables the hotel's sales team to manage guest accounts, contracts, bookings, and more. 

To Do

  • Create, update, and track work orders, requests, guest satisfaction call reminders, and tasks. Use the To Do List to stay on top of daily responsibilities.  

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