Mobile App Tips

Mobile App Tips


Mobile App Tips

In this article, you will learn about helpful features in the Quore mobile app. 


Automatically Go On Duty

To save time when logging in to the Quore app, you can automatically set yourself to On Duty. This allows you to get notifications about important items in Quore, such as work orders, requests, and more.

You can also choose to be prompted every time you log in. This allows you to choose On Duty or Off Duty.

A third option is to never be prompted. This requires you to manually set your On Duty status in the Profile Overview.

To adjust your login preferences, tap the Profile Overview > My Settings > Login Preferences.



Log In Using Fingerprint

Note: This is only available to personal devices that have the Fingerprint feature.

If you have a Fingerprint-enabled device:

  1. Set up Fingerprint on your device.

  2. Enable Fingerprint in the Quore app via My Settings > Login Preferences

  3. You will be prompted to register your fingerprint. Once your fingerprint is registered you can use the Fingerprint icon to sign in to Quore without having to enter your password.



Pull Down to Refresh

Quickly and easily refresh any page in the Quore app by swiping down on your screen!

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