Android Device Setup

Android Device Setup


Android Device Setup

In this article, you will learn how to set up your mobile Android device to use Quore.

Things to Ask Your Internet Service Provider

The following suggestions will help you to optimize your devices for using Quore. 

1. Max Out the Bandwidth

Ask your internet service provider to give you the "maximum allowable bandwidth" on your devices. Low bandwidth will cause the app to run slower and can delay important push notifications. 

2. Go Low on the Repeater

The repeater speed determines the amount of time it takes to connect from one access point to another. Ask your internet service provider to set your repeater speed as low as possible.

Note: We generally recommend a repeater speed of 2-3 seconds. A longer repeater speed can cause the device to time out and may cause you to lose your internet connection all together. When contacting your internet service provider, you may need to speak with your account manager in order to lower your repeater speed.

3. Wireless, Not Wired

Double check that devices are set up for the Wireless (or WAN - Wireless Area Network), not Wired (LAN - Land Area Network) network. 

Making Devices Managed

Because you will be using your hotel's Wi-Fi network to access the Quore Mobile app, you will want to set up your smartphone or tablet as a managed device. Setting your device as managed with your internet service provider will enable you to bypass the hotel Wi-Fi splash page (the page which asks you to accept terms and conditions before allowing you access to the browser). This will ensure a more reliable internet connection.

To make your device managed:

1. Tap to open Settings.

2. Tap on General* to open your general settings.

3. Find the About Phone line. Tap this line.

General and About phone.jpg

4. Scroll down to Hardware Info. Tap this line.

5. Locate the Wi-Fi MAC address. Copy down this address to provide to your internet service provider.

*Due to the different layouts of Android devices, the method of locating your Wi-Fi MAC address may vary slightly.

How to Download the App

To download the Quore mobile app:

1. Go to the Google Play Store.

2. Search for “Quore Mobile App.”


3. Choose to install the app. Tap Accept.

First Time Logging In on Mobile

1. Open the Quore mobile app and log in.

2. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to choose whether this is a private or a personal device. Then you will be able to use the mobile app.

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