Connect Introduction

Connect Introduction

The Connect app will allow your hotel to communicate with guests via text message right from the Quore Dashboard page. 

In this article, we will introduce the Connect app and how it can serve as a direct channel between guests and hotel staff.  

Getting Connect 

The Connect app is an add-on app, and is available for an additional cost. If you would like to purchase the Connect app for your hotel, please email our sales team at   

Setting Up Connect 

The General Manager, Assistant General Manager, and Operations Manager will have the ability to customize the Connect settings. The Settings page controls when messaging is available to guests, what automatic replies say, and the checkout survey options. Managers will also have the ability to load in "quick response" replies using the Quick Response tab.  

Connect Enrollment  

Guests will be able to enroll in Connect two ways. They can verbally express interest at the front desk or text the 10-digit number from their room. Click here to learn more about enrolling a guest in Connect.  

Connect Communication 

Front desk agents will communicate with guests through the dashboard Rooms Grid by clicking on a teal guestroom or they can use the Messenger page to see multiple conversations at once. Here we explain this process.   

Connect Records 

You will be able to see in-house guest conversations through the Overview page, view inbound and outbound texts through the Account page, or run reports on conversation history in the Reports app.  Click here to learn more

Connect Setup

Connect Setup